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January 17th (Wed)-20th (Sat) 2024 will be exhibited at the International Jewelry Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.

Masaki Idehara

Fifteen years have passed since I opened a bispork-style jewelry shop called "COCORON."I'm a designer and craftsman who produces consistent works for jewelry.

When I entered the architecture department, I was interested in making silver jewelry, so I made it on my own, We started selling on the street.I was scouted during the sale, and I am in charge of custom-made production at a select shop and apparel He was responsible for producing a collection of the brand's fashion accessory line.

After that, while studying at university, I met a plastic art teacher and received instructions saying, "You'd better go on to the path of engraver." After graduating from university, he worked for a major jewelry company.It then became independent in May 2009.

Jewelry that you can wear in your own way, color your mood, and feel good looking and confident. Even across generations, attachment grows whenever you wear it.

I want to make jewelry that is loved. I am continuing to challenge myself so that I can realize that Japanese jewelry handicraft technology will one day be a job that the world can be proud of.

Characteristics of COCORON jewelry

All the processes of design, production, and stone Setting are created consistently by one person.It's close to my ideal It's because you can pursue jewelry just like the image of a good finish.

For metalworking, casting and forging are chosen according to the design.

Made from differences in the materials of platinum and gold bullion, as well as in the color characteristics of bullion, different finishes You can enjoy the expression on.

The stone frame is made in a balanced manner according to the size of the stone, and the stone-setting is adjusted by the stone frame.I sometimes make my own tagane just for beautiful nails and original delicate nail clasp.

The quality of the diamond does not compromise at all on the evaluation of the certificate, nor on the individual shine.We are particular about conflict-free diamonds.

We aim for harmony in everything and make the most of beauty by adjusting it to the end.

  • 01. Unique stone retaining technique

    He has worked for about 20 years.

    In order to realize the beautiful and fascinating design that I have cultivated through my past experiences is Tagane, which is indispensable to stone setting. It was combined with bead setting and engraver techniques I'm good at unique Stone setting.

    Jewelry engraving technique creates a deep and beautiful glow, but requires the subtlety, skill, experience and sensibility of the person who holds the stone-setter.

    Originally, it is common to ask a professional craftsman for engraving, but the design of COCORON jewelry can be more sensitive than ideal because it is done consistently by designers.

    I also made my own Tagane, which is a tool for stone retention that matches the design image.If you continue to use this Tagane,, it will Unusable, so I will make it again and sharpen it every time.

    Stone Setting is highly regarded by many buyers and can be said to be a feature of COCORON Jewelry.
  • 02. Manual work for texture

    All processes are done by hand consistently.

    In order to make your fingers feel good and comfortable when you wear it, we check the texture of the inside of the ring and other parts that touch your skin many times while we are working on file hooking.

    They are particular about the original color and The color and texture of the bullion, and the surface processing of matting, which is roughened with a lintel (tagane), is done by hand.

    The craftspeople faced each production process and created it with time and thought jewelry sensitive texture is created by manual rather than mass production.
  • 03.The Pursuit of Creative Beauty

    The first step is to find the most beautiful and radiant angle by actually shining the jewel into natural light.

    Based on the design created by hand on paper, we will create a frame that makes jewelry stand out even more.

    The form of the frame is in the model stage, and it has a harmonious finish both from the front and from the side I'm going to shave off unnecessary purposes.

    After the model has become a metal base and polished, when you fasten the stone in the last process, make sure that the table face is firmly facing forward.

    It seems obvious, but the shape of the stone also has its own personality, and it is a difficult task.

    Also, each nail shape has a consideration to match the design.

    By connecting design intentions to all processes, a well-balanced form and beautiful stone sparkle are created.

The value of COCORON jewelry

One craftsman takes responsibility from beginning to end to creating jewelry, which is essentially a division of labor Yes.

Starting with thinking about the design, we make tools (tagane) to make the design more attractive and carefully complete them one by one.

We don't do mass production. In the past, like other craftmen, difficult skills relied on professional craftmen.However, I felt frustrated many times when the finish I wanted was damaged by outsourcing, so I keenly realized that I could make something more satisfying by learning the skills myself.

Acquiring this technique took a lot of time and effort.However, that time also turned into my own jewelry history. Jewelry making with my life.

The vast amount of time spent on this is the value and pride of the COCORON jewelry.

Made in Fukuyama, a manufacturing town

COCORON jewelry is made in a remote countryside in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Jewelry is a pyroxene from nature.

Because I incorporate inspiration from nature into my design, I create it in the place where I feel most comfortable.


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